Who is Coronahulp Eindhoven?
We are a citizen’s initiative that started a Facebook group in March of this year when the Coronavirus gained a tight grip on our everyday lives. We provide a platform where citizens of Eindhoven can seek help from each other for simple, practical help, now that Coronavirus is causing all sorts of limitations to our day-to-day lives. Also, we would like to support each other, providing a sympathetic ear to those in need.  

Nine months later, the limitations are still present, and influencing our lives. We could not have predicted how severe our lives would we impacted, and still is. But, we are still here, and while the amount of help requests declines, we do believe in the function of our platform as a digital community center. Together with a team of dedicated moderators, we keep the Facebook group alive. Free of charge, our reward is knowing that people from Eindhoven have a platform where they can ask for simple, practical help, without any fuss. 

Of course, we are not doing this by ourselves. We get help from our members, 6.500 amazing residents of Eindhoven who often find a solution for whatever request posted on the platform within the hour. Also, more to the background, we received support from (amongst others) Wij Eindhoven, Lumens Group and Eindhoven Doet. Three organisations that have stood by our side to advise and assist us. Also we received a donation of the Rabobank Cooperatief Fonds. We hope to keep providing this platform to Eindhoven for a long time.  

No legal entity
Being a citizen’s initiative also means that we are no more than a small group of enthusiastic and motivated residents of Eindhoven. Residents who want to make a difference for the City of Eindhoven in this weird situation, where everything becomes a bit more complicated. 

So we are not a legal entity; we are not registered at the Chamber of Commerce and we don’t have an ANBI status. We chose this form because we believe that a citizen’s initiative like Coronahulp Eindhoven doesn’t need such formal status. Facebook is our free platform, we don’t need a reimbursement and we all have a laptop from which we do our job. Furthermore, any donated money is better spent on helping those in need, rather than costs for a notary and other related formal business. 

Why this campaign?
The past year we have received a donation from Rabobank Cooperatief Fonds, to use when and for what we deem necessary. Part of it we used to thank our volunteers and the members of our Facebook group, with a wonderful poem, written by Merel Morre. 

But we had some money left. When discussing what to spend it on, we knew almost immediately that we wanted to spend it on a campaign that is aligned with the goal of our group: Something simpl, something practical, that makes a difference in the lives of people, that will give them a warm feeling. Something that, as people of Eindhoven, states: You are one of us

Christmas is a time of year in which connection with the people most dear to us is the key. Sharing a nice meal together, makes the connection stronger. This year, Christmas is different. For many people it is a time with more worries than they would normally have. 

In addition to that, there are about 600 families, 1350 people, for which it is not at all certain that they can afford a nice three course Christmas dinner. Simply because they currently are caught up in a difficult financial situation. We believe that, as residents of Eindhoven, we should collectively say: this year has been hard enough already on these people! Let’s try to take away any worries about being able to provide for a nice christmas dinner. In short: let’s raise money and buy as many people as possible, preferably all 1.350, a full three-course Christmas meal! Eindhoven, Eindje, Eindje voor Eindje.

We found Hubble Community Café willing to cooperate with us and prepare and pack up all meals. Hubble is a meetingplace for students, a café for companies, personnel and expats on the TU/e campus. For €15.50 they will cook a three-course meal, almost at cost. If the price at cost turns out to be lower, they will also lower the price of the meals!

Next to a good price, Hubble also offers people who have a hard time to find a job a place to work. With a couple of adjustments, they can find their way and be a valued member of the crew. Company director Peter Joosten manages to find a way to make it work for everyone involved. In short, it is a very pleasant group to work with!

The Foodbank Eindhoven
In our Facebookgroup, we often see people preparing meals for others in the group, for those that got in trouble due to the Corona measures. Our first thought was to do something similar. But we soon found out that the scale of what we are trying to do, would cause us a terrible administrative headache. Next to that, what if we don’t raise enough money? Who do we select, and who will be left out?

The Foodbank in Eindhoven, on the contrary, knows exactly which people in Eindhoven are experiencing financial issues. Next to that, they have already made arrangements with their clients on picking up food packages on designated pick-up points. 

Throughout the year we have been in touch with them a few times. Whenever people offered big amounts of food on our Facebook page, we always connected them to the Foodbank Eindhoven, and we always received a very nice response. 
However, when we gave them a call asking: “We are doing a Christmas campaign, you know who needs a Christmas meal the most, can we collaborate?’ The first thing they asked was: “Do you realize what you are getting yourself into? We have 600 clients, a total of 1350 people!” Of course they wanted to know whether we were aware of what we were getting into. We admit that it was quite a shock to hear that there are so many people in Eindhoven struggling to pay for their groceries. Luckily we knew that the collaboration would go well. Now we just need to raise enough money!

Do you have any questions remaining after reading this page? Please shoot us a message through our Facebook page! We will be in touch with you.

Want to donate?
Have a small wallet: Donate a dessert for €3,50
A bit more to spend: Donate a main course for €8,50
No money worries: Donate a full three course meal for €15,50

Want to donate more, or a different amount?
Transfer the money to NL58 RABO 0361969449 in the name of M.M. de Vries with reference “Eindje voor Eindje”