9.132 euro or 1.074 main courses donated!


In cooperation with Hubble Community Café and the Foodbank Eindhoven, Coronahulp Eindhoven wants to offer as many people with a small wallet as possible, a three-course meal for Christmas.
A three course meal will cost €15.50 and consists of:
– Creamy mushroom truffle soup
– Smokey crunchy half chicken, served on top of Roseval potatoes and prunes topped with pomegranate and parsley
– Chocolate Hazelnut Tartelettes

Do you have a small wallet yourself? Donate a dessert for €3,50
A bit more to spend? Donate a main course for €8,50
No money worries? Donate a full three course meal for €15,50

Want to donate more, or a different amount?
Transfer the money to NL58 RABO 0361969449 in the name of M.M. de Vries with reference “Eindje voor Eindje”

Organisations and entrepeneurs from Eindhoven
Are you a local business and donating €50,- or more? In coordination with you we will place a nice message, with a small advertisement for your company or organization on our Facebook page! Make your donation and send us a DM through Facebook page. We will contact you!

Further questions?
Do you want some background information, or do you have questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions, many questions have been addressed there. Is your question still unanswered? Shoot us a message through our Facebook page and we will be in touch with you.